Foreign company registration for EU VAT

For foreign businesses operating across the European Union, there can be requirements in order to obtain EU VAT number. The requirements are listed not only in the EU VAT Directive, but in local VAT laws of each Member State as well. Typically, the requirements to register for EU VAT are:

A foreign company is moving goods across the borders of the EU;
A foreign company is storing goods in warehouses located in the EU;
A foreign company is providing such works and services as conferences, exhibitions, instalment of equipment, etc., in the EU;
A foreign company is involved in distance selling, i.e., selling goods online to consumers in the EU.
Application for VAT number can take from 5-10 days to several weeks to process, depending on the certain Member State procedure. Required documents and information for VAT application vary from country to country as well. VAT authorities have the right to ask additional questions and request documents to prove the company's intention to trade in a certain EU country (agreements, invoices, etc.).